Tantric Massage in Leeds

Tantric massage in Leeds offers an easy and convenient way in which to enjoy quality ‘me’ time that boosts your confidence and self-esteem in a number of pleasurable ways. The ancient healing art is associated with sensual touch and is a form of massage that is often used to deepen the connection between the mind, body and spirit. The massage technique has Indian origins, and includes the stimulation of kundalini energy, the sexual exploration of the genital area, and spiritual enlightenment. It is also considered to be an essential part of yogic practice.

Tantric massage is an erotic holistic technique that is used to stimulate the skin’s sensitive nerve endings, and to awaken dormant kundalini energy in the body. Our professional and experienced masseuses know how to expertly use their hands to apply gentle pressure, combined with long, flowing strokes and arousing friction all over the body. The rhythmic kneading and stroking stimulates the coiled serpent, at the base of the spine, and releases a rush of orgasmic ecstasy throughout the body. The heightened sensations will leave you feeling sensually empowered and more in touch with your divine spirituality.

Authentic tantric massage Leeds is a relaxing ritualistic practice that focuses on sexual energy, spiritual connection and ultimate pleasure. Your highly skilled masseuse will use seductive touch to take you on a journey of sensual discovery. She will apply flowing massage movements that primarily focus on the body’s central charka system to accelerate the flow of life force energy within the body. As she works on your body, you will experience a deep sense of calm and tranquility, and achieve a higher state of consciousness. You may also find that you enjoy a full body orgasm for the very first time.

Tantric massage Leeds is a healthy way to make positive lifestyle changes. As a form of relaxation, tantric massage offers physical, emotional and wellbeing benefits. It can alleviate physical pain, improve blood circulation, reduce stress and tension, and help to fight depression. The massage can also help you experience enhanced sexual pleasure and orgasmic bliss. It’s reported that women can enjoy up to 7 different kinds of orgasm during tantric massage of the yoni (vagina). Men can become better lovers by enjoying lingam (penis) massage, as the practice helps to prolong intimacy and control ejaculation. Our discreet and confidential premium tantric massage services are perfect for exploring your sexuality.

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