A Genuine Tantric Massage Therapist; Spotting Fake Pictures And Avoiding Escorts

Although the ultimate outcome of both sessions is getting a “release,” escorts offer mainly physical satisfaction, while tantric masseuses approach satisfaction from a holistic point of view. Most people who have employed the services of escorts will agree that most of these meetings are mechanical and may not truly satisfy one’s sexual cravings. With tantric massages becoming popular and a preferable means of achieving orgasm, recent findings have uncovered escorts disguised as a tantric masseuse – and failing to carry out the massage routines and techniques appropriately, leading to client’s displeasure. To the unapprised, both individuals might look extremely similar on the surface – similar prices, similar photos, and can be difficult to identify. So, here are a few tips on spotting the differences between an escort and a genuine tantric masseuse, spotting fake pictures and generally setting the records straight.

  1. Ambiance

Tantra sessions are almost like visiting a top health spa and receiving a massage from a professional therapist, coupled with a sexual experience that is overwhelming. Tantric masseuses aim to revitalize each of our sensations using light, sound, smell, and touch to awaken clients to a perfect experience. Escorts are rarely concerned with their surroundings, as it rarely affects their sessions. So, if you book an appointment with a tantric masseuse and she cares nothing about a serene setting, that may be your first clue to pointing out an impostor.

  1. Attitude to building a connection

Escorts are generally known to lack the reputation for building a connection with clients – in fact, their line of job promotes disconnection with clients and a robotic sex meeting. Tantric masseuse therapists, on the other hand, are trained to build a positive connection and feeling between themselves and their clients. A tantric masseuse will make you feel pampered and worship your body in ways that will make you connect with your sexuality. Warmth is an important component of what makes a tantric masseuse all that she is. If your tantric masseuse is in a hurry to get over the session, you probably should get your money back because you might be dealing with an escort.

  1. Freedom of expression

Tantric massage sessions place equal importance to the physical and psychological elements of sexuality. Tantric massages are created to boost mind and body connection in deeply pleasing ways and to promote freedom of expression during the process. Tantric masseuses are therefore never in a rush to reach the point of climax or even starting the main act of sex. This is a huge difference between escorts and tantric masseuses. Tantric massages are supposed to create a more dynamic sensation with pent up energy that is channeled and slowly released to create a powerful orgasmic release for the client. A lot of people who have visited escorts know that often times, the escort service offers monotonous and caged sexual experience.

A good study of the website and a few calls and questions around can also be helpful in spotting an escort disguised as a tantric masseuse. Pictures can also be compared with others on verified tantric masseuse website for photoshopping. Xmassage has various therapists with particularly trained in delivering this services.

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