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An Unforgettable Nuru Massage London Experience

You don’t have to hop on a plane for a long-haul flight to the Far East to enjoy an authentic Japanese Nuru Massage. The luxurious and hedonistic soapy massage is just one of the many exquisitely pleasurable services on offer at Xmassage. 

A trained masseuse doesn’t have to be a Japanese native to be able to deliver a real Nuru massage. As the premier erotic massage agency in London, we have an array of beautiful, highly skilled and sensuously talented masseuses, from all over the world, that are able to deliver an authentic Nuru massage, at a time and place that suits you. 

You’ll also be pleased to know that yes, there is Nuru massage near me! Whether you live or work in the heart of Central London, in the North, South, East or West, or on the outskirts of the city, you can easily make arrangements to experience a tantalising full service massage in the classic Nuru style. Our best Nuru massage is exotic, sensual and erotic, and will leave you feeling ultra relaxed and deeply sexually satisfied.

What Is Nuru Massage?

Nuru massage London is a unique experience that is not to be missed. Unlike classic and traditional massage techniques like full body or Swedish, which require you to lie back and receive the pleasurable stroking, gliding, kneading and rubbing sensations, Nuru focuses on full, nude body2body contact.

Your favourite Xmassage girl will disrobe so that she can stimulate and arouse your erogenous zones with her hands, breasts, thighs and other body parts. To create the perfect slippery stimulus, high quality organic seaweed gel is applied to your body and hers, so that you can enjoy sensuous skin on skin touch that delivers orgasmic tingles with every gliding motion or rub. 

As your favourite masseuse slides her curvaceous contours over your sweet spots, you will feel arousal building into an intense crescendo that is destined to result in a happy ending release. 

Due to the blissful ecstasy that is enjoyed during a body2body Japanese Nuru massage, it’s really not at all surprising that this erotic massage has been highly popular with male clientele for decades. This erotic nude body massage however is non-exclusive, and delivers an equally pleasurable outcome for open-minded females who want to explore their sexuality, and to experience more intense multiple orgasms.

Nuru Massage Near Me

Now isn’t it time that you tried an unforgettable Nuru London Xmassage experience today?

Nuru Massage Central London

If you’re looking for the best Nuru massage near me encounter in London, look no further. At Xmassage, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver the highest quality of professional service. As the premier erotic massage agency in London, we have a bevy of beautiful masseuses available, around the clock, to deliver relaxing and sensual massage when you want or need it the most.

Within the boundaries of Central London, you can enjoy a private and discreet incall or outcall appointment with your favrourite Xmassage girl, and experience erotic massage that is also a ritual. After removing your clothes and showering, your attentive masseuse will ritualistically apply non-greasy, odourless, super slick and ultra-moisturising Nuru gel all over your body. Your skin will quiver in excitement at your masseuse’s gentle explorative touch.

As every inch of your body is caressed, you’ll experience heightened sensitivity and intimate arousal like never before. You also have the freedom to explore the model perfect contours of your sensational and hot masseuse, with your hands, lips and tongue. Slowing down the pace will help to greatly intensify the pleasure that you experience at the end of your exclusive premium massage session.

If you’re a seasoned Nuru massage client, you may want to extend your usual 1-hour massage to a 2 or 3-hour appointment with your favourite Xmasage girl. The extra time allows you to enjoy the ultimate orgasmic climax without feeling rushed.

Nuru Massage North London

You don’t have to be located in the heart of the city to be able to enjoy an orgasm inducing Nuru massage with one of our gorgeous girls. Japanese masseuse London Xmassage girls are located all over the metropolis. If you live or work in North London, it’s easy to arrange an appointment with a delectable masseuse who knows how to pleasure your body with sexy soapy massage.

Check out the individual profiles on our site, to find your ultimate Xmassage girl to share a naughty Nuru massage near me experience with. You can visit your favourite stunning brunette, bubbly blonde or ravishing redhead masseuse in her comfortable and exclusive private apartment, on an incall appointment. Alternatively, you can invite her to join you in your luxury hotel room or suite. Home visits to your abode can also be arranged, if this suits you best.

Nuru Massage South London

Sensual Nuru massage is an excellent bodywork treatment to ease and release muscle tension, and to improve blood circulation. It’s the perfect antidote to a hectic South London lifestyle. As Japanese style Nuru massage heightens erotic sensitivity, it can aid with arousal and libido issues. The intense stimulation that’s delivered by the nude body2body contact also elevates feel good endorphins, so that you are deeply relaxed, sensually satisfied and happily sexually gratified.

During a Nuru massage South London experience, with one of our alluring, charming and highly skilled Xmassage girls, you’ll enjoy a deliciously soapy massage that involves erotic rhythmic movement that awakens and stimulates the senses. Whether you reach Nirvana is entirely up to you.

Nuru Massage East London

Nuru massage is an intimate interactive experience that you won’t want to miss in East London. It’s the perfect new massage technique to try if you want to experience heightened sensitivity and prolonged pleasure.

Your experienced masseuse will cover her body with silky and slippery Nuru gel, and will drizzle it on your skin, and spread it all over using a variety of traditional massage techniques. Your favourite hot and sexy Xmassage girl will straddle you and use her hands and knockout body to explore your nakedness. Sliding and gliding friction is combined with lingering touch on all of your ultra sensitive sweet spots. 

You can explore her body, or simply lie back, relax and enjoy the unadulterated hedonistic pleasure or erotic touch. Massage of the lingam (penis) or yoni (vagina) is much more intensely sensual and invigorating, when it comes into contact with warm, slippery gel that is expertly applied.

In East London, an orgasmic Nuru massage London experience will easily transform an average day into a special occasion.

Nuru Massage West London

For a real Nuru massage West London experience that you will never forget, call us today on +44 7933 800 533​ to book an incall or outcall appointment with your favourite Xmassage girl.

To get you in the mood for orgasmic slippery intimacy, take a look at the tantalising photos of our sexy designer lingerie clad masseuses. As you explore the profiles of our vivacious blonde, brunette and raven haired beauties, imagine the soft, silky touch of skin on skin contact that melts away all of your stress and muscle tension…

Mmmmm… that’s the kind of pure pleasure that awaits you when you book a Japanese Nuru massage, with one of our beautiful Xmassage girls in West London, or other areas of the city.

Let go of inhibitions and expectations, and open your mind to pleasure on a deeper level. Our friendly and engaging masseuses will instantly put you at ease, whether you’re booking your first ever incall appointment, or you are a regular outcall client trying out a new massage technique with a different Xmassage girl than your usual masseuse.

Book The Best Nuru Massage In London Today

When you’re looking for the best Nuru massage near me, there’s absolutely no need to worry about whether or not you’re situated within our prime massage delivery zones. If your location matches that of your dream Xmassage girl, you can book an incall appointment to visit her at her comfortable upscale apartment, at a time and day that’s most convenient for you. 

Outcall appointments with our gorgeous Xmassage girls provide a more flexible option, if you want to enjoy a sensual Nuru massage but you don’t live in the local area. Simply book a luxury room in a swish 5-star hotel and invite your favourite masseuse to come and visit you. She’ll arrive at your door looking perfectly groomed, and with an ample supply of organic slippery seaweed gel.

Set the mood and scene with a mutual bathing ritual, prior to the Japanese Nuru massage anointing with the thick, silky gel. As she glides the gel over you, don’t be surprised if your body reacts to your masseuse’s arousing touch. Enjoy the tingles, and expect plenty more.

Our intimate and deeply pleasurable Nuru London massage experience seamlessly blends physical contact with emotional connection, for a mind-blowing orgasmic finish. Maintaining eye contact with your stunning masseuse, as she delivers sliding and gliding arousal and stimulation, is a great way to enhance the sensuous sensations that you enjoy throughout the erotic full service massage.

Call today to book your erotic Nuru massage appointment.



Nuru Massage London 

The Nuru Massage is another popular massage type that many of the therapists advertised on Xmassage perform. The Nuru technique originated from Japan and is a form of body to body massage with specialized organic gel made from seaweed.

The benefits of Nuru massage are numerous. It is well known to relieve pain and increase flexibility of your muscles in your body. The warm gel used helps healing of the body via stimulating metabolic processes in the circulatory and lymphatic systems. It is also known to revitalize the skin due to the products within the Nuru gel. Finally it is also reported to reduce any form of tension and anxiety within the body.

Nuru Massage Near Me

With the body to body art form that is used with the Nuru gels, the full body contact really helps stimulate your erotic desires and helps build towards a very intensive orgasm that is delivered towards the end of the Nuru massage session. This results in an unforgettable experience where you will crave more due to the feeling left within. The warm gel and erotic touch helps with the connection needed to bring one of the most astounding happy endings that you will encounter.

The gels used in the massage are often odourless and very different to the oil based lubricants that are often used in Tantric or any other form of massage. Being a gel, it therefore makes it far easier to remove from your body with a warm shower than an oil based product.

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Just because it is a Japanese technique don’t be alarmed if any of the non-Japanese masseuses' say they perform Nuru massage. All girls that offer this service on Xmassage are fully trained professionals in this technique and you won't be disappointed. Book yourself a Nuru massage in London today for an incall or outcall. Don't worry if it's your first time - our masseuses will guide you from the first eye contact to the (happy) ending.

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