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Tantric Massage has become an incredibly popular massage technique over the last couple of decades. There are debates to the origin of this sensual massage technique; whether going back 100s of years from Indian tutors or in accordance to the Tantric Massage Association where it began as late as the 1980s and founded by a therapist named Andro Andreas Rothe.

Tantric massage is well known to be associated with a very sensual touch and deep relaxation focusing on breathing. The aim of the tantric massage is to give a heightened and prolonged orgasm via these techniques just mentioned. There is a lot more too tantric massage than just sexual relief – the benefits of massage and in particular this technique, are clinically proven to relax you both physically, mentally and emotionally.

Like any massage form but in particular tantric massage, the connection between both the masseuse and the client are incredibly important. To be able to get to the heightened levels of sensual energy its important that you respect the tantric techniques and let these energies flow around your body with sensual touches that can feel incredibly therapeutic.

The tantric massage of course offers plenty of touch - both gentle and harder depending on what works better for you. It involves touching all parts of your body from top to bottom including all erogenous zones including the Lingam, otherwise known as the penis. The tantric massage is often performed with warm oils or if you prefer talcum powder has been known to be used.

The tantric massage is performed by both client and masseuse fully naked as body to body touch is essential in this art form. However, it is important to note, that Tantric just like all services advertised on Xmassage do not include any form of sexual intercourse.

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