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Sensual Massage

The sensual massage is one of the most traditional massage techniques available. It is an incredibly intimate art form and is common for it to lead to an increased state of sexual arousal culminating in the hand relief of the lingam. The sensual massage is a slow, seductive massage which involves many soft touches and teasing strokes all over your body.

The therapeutic sensual massage art form works all your muscles in your body, with the aim of soothing the body and help to relax your mind. During your sensual massage session you will escape from the realities of life and just enjoy the pleasures that the masseuses offer. The care given to you by the therapists will help you enjoy and appreciate every minute of the sensual massage.

The masseuses make it very clear upon introduction that this is 'your time' and that you must let you inhabitations take over whilst the massage therapists smother you with oils all over your body. Any issues or stresses you may have in life are left outside the studio where the sensual massage will take place. This massage type arouses passion very different to other forms and can hit all your erogenous zones if the connection is right.

The sensual massage is often performed fully nude and the use of specialized massage oils are commonplace. The oils encourage slipperiness across the skin which makes the session far more sensual and certainly more erotic. Most massage therapist practice in sensual massage and it is the most common massage form on Xmassage. As always, all the therapists that do work in sensual massage can be seen below or throughout the website.

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