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The body 2 body Massage is the most sensual and erotic of massages available to clients. The technique encompasses a form of passion that allows both bodies often lathered in oil to create a touch which brings both masseuse and client incredible sensations throughout the body. Skin on skin is a very powerful thing. It can literally make you feel present in the moment and create a full sense of euphoria.

As with all massages the psychical benefits of the body to body massage are very prevalent. Any built up stress or anxiety from the outside world, disperses during the boys 2 body massage, due to the hypnosis that takes over your body. The sensual nature of the massage leads you to a climax via the lingam that you will never forget which is proven to be good for the mind, body and soul.

Each body to body massage gives a warm gratifying feeling and it’s highly recommended to do no shorter than 1 hour to really appreciate the tantalizing touches and the intimacy that comes with each body 2 body massage. It is important that the sliding and gliding of the body is given enough time to really feel the effects of this bond that is created.

The atmosphere created by the masseuse is very important for the client and all the masseuses we advertise make it their number 1 priority to give you a sense of calm and comfort. The body to body massage is best given in a tranquil ambiance with necessities that include flickering candlelight and soft calming music so that you can connect with one another’s inner senses.

The body 2 body massage is one of the most popular massage types and below you can see all the masseuses that are qualified and offer this service.