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Kundalini Tantra massage is healing transforming massage, that allows prana to spiral throughout every human body. I facilitate this astonishing bliss massage allowing you to surrender as you tap into this blissful healing energy and become immersed in it. 

I create a safe, loving and ethereal space using colors, scents and soft music. I creating a loving environment and a safe place that can unify you with the sacral energy you hold within. I will facilitate your connection yourself and the beauty of your inner desires as well as your physical body. 

When we love ourselves, we love all. I believe when we release negative emotions and blocked energy our lives simultaneously transform into beautiful works of art. Through my healing touch, breathing techniques and working with the chakras I will assist you in finding balance and movement while unbottling your sacral energy. The energy we share in this space will be sacred, allowing the ebb and flow of kundalini energy spiral throughout the body in a playful dance. 

Our sessions combine the art of sacred intimacy with the philosophy that lies within connecting the breath to the energy centers of the body. Deeply nourishing and energizing offering your body a time to relax and move into a state of peace and connection to the inner source of bliss. 

Are you looking for a deeply sensual, stimulating and blissful full body massage? Do you want to explore your body's potential and capacity for sensation and pleasure? Touch and pleasure are as essential as food and water when it comes to our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. When delivered and received with conscious, authentic intention, touch can be a powerful tool to connect us with our most natural, sensual and happy selves.

I follow a spiritual path in tantra and a physical path in holistic health, movement and bodywork. I weave these two energies together to bring you a transformative, body-opening, ecstatic yet wonderfully grounded experience.

I bring mindfulness, compassion, feminine flow and a deep, healing touch to my sessions to create a delicious energy awakening in the body, stimulate the senses and calm the busy mind. I work with men and women of all backgrounds and orientations.




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