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I offer intuitive Tantric massage sessions that bring relaxation and renewal to both the body and mind, leading to a holistic feeling of well being.





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I offer intuitive Tantric massage sessions that bring relaxation and renewal to both the body and mind, leading to a holistic feeling of well being. I use gentle intuitive touch to help your body open to a fuller experience of pleasure and aliveness. By stimulating and opening the flow of life energy in the whole body I bring an energising, uplifting and balancing overall influence.

Our sensual and sexual energy is a major expression of our life energy and inner aliveness. By inviting the whole body to open to feeling pleasure and arousal we can nourish and bring to life much more of our inner being than is usually experienced in our daily life. Working this way consistently can in fact bring about a deep flourishing of our being. This will influence beneficially all areas of our personality, from creativity, intuition and lovingness to willpower, confidence and ease of flow in everyday life. It will also bring more joy, pleasure and fulfilment to our life throughout. And, on top of that, it will benefit our health and sense of well being.

The above gives an idea about the benefits of tantric massage on an individual level. It can also enhance our experience of intimacy and relating, as well as our sexual experience. This is achieved through deepening our capacity to connect intimately and enjoy our connection on the emotional, sensual and sexual levels. Also matters of sexual performance can be addressed effectively through this approach.

My Tantric sessions also include some work with breath. Deep breathing helps you to relax and to connect more with your body and sensations. It prepares you so that you can go deeper in the massage experience. The sessions can also be tailored to include Tantric meditations on themes like senses, touch and intimacy, depending on individual needs and wishes.

I also offer Hawaii'an LomiLomi, Swedish, Sports and Deep Tissue Massage. I have been offering massage since 2005, when I qualified for Swedish, Sports and Deep Tissue Massage (Hieronta-Akatemia, Helsinki, Finland). I have studied Tantra and Tantric Massage with various teachers in the UK and abroad.

At present I also offer four handed Tantric massage together with a colleague. In a four handed session you have a special opportunity to surrender to your senses and let go of your mind. When the session is offered by two practitioners, you are in a special field, which can call forth a different way of letting go into the experience of the moment.

My colleague has a background in working with groups and couples as well as individuals. She has a gentle therapeutic way of working with the body and mind. One of her strengths is guiding tantric rituals and meditations.

I receive clients in West Hampstead, about 3-4 minutes walk from West Hampstead tube and train station. For the Tantric Massage the minimum length of session is 2 hrs. For this I charge £200. After that it's £100 per hour. For other types of massage I charge £60 per hour. I generally work from noon to 8pm Mon- Fri , Saturdays noon to 6pm. Exceptions to these times may be possible if you cannot make it within them.

You are very welcome to call me if you'd like to talk and find out more about the massages I offer, and also to find out if they would be suitable for your needs. I take calls 10am -- 9pm Mon - Sat.

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4 years, 5 months ago


Sarato goes above and beyond every single time. A truly heartfelt session with a skilled lady.

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