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Tantra is a spiritual system, which uses healing energy as a way of releasing unwanted patterns and starts reconnecting the whole body, mind and soul. ​ You will experience a transcendental journey, creating flow through your personal energy system, bringing balance and harmony into your heart and body.

The longing for touch is a yearning we have from the first day of our life. Touch is a stimulant and a form of human interaction, it has a language of it's own, the language of love, caring and empathy. I hold a space of comfort and understanding, which can be experienced through mutual trust, essential to surrender yourself to massage and experience an inner journey, in which you are willing to let go and allow closeness with an open heart. ​

I support the integration of holistic healing in modern day lives, to learn and explore using the whole body as pleasure tools, creating inner happiness, releasing stress and making balance between the mental and emotional state. Through this process, you can have deeper, cherished relationships, regaining the spark of life in your inner self. ​

On a physical level, massage allows, the body to effectively eliminate toxins, speed up the circulation and improve breathing. ​

On a mental level, massage calms and smooths the mind, helping to reduce nervous tension, helping to lift the mood and reduce feelings of depression. ​

On an emotional level, massage teaches the person to search for harmony and union, restoring the natural equilibrium, of the whole. ​

About Lalla: I am a professional, independent tantric guide, trained and experienced, I offer tantric massage sessions in the comfort of your home or hotel. (I can arrange a convenient hotel)

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Lalla's Rates

90 minutes£120
3 hours£200
2 hours£170/4hands

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