Is Happy Ending Massage Cheating in the Same Way as Seeing an Escort for Sex?

When it comes to amazing erotic massage, lying naked and letting a stranger massage your bare body is quite sensual, whether you mean it to be so or not. Every now and again, your massage therapist might accidentally brush her hand against your thigh or rub your bum in a way that makes you think of a sexual encounter you once had. Or the sensations from being massaged might be so relaxing and enjoyable that you become aroused. On the other end of the scale, there are massages that are supposed to be sexy and end in a happy ending, which is a well-known euphemism for an amazing orgasm. So if you or your partner went for one of these special massages, would it count as cheating? 

So, let’s explore the interesting topic ‘what a happy ending massage is and the implications of experiencing one of such’. Can ‘happy endings’ be tagged as cheating in the same way as patronizing an escort?

Every relationship is quite unique. Some people might have an arrangement which allows for experiencing external sexual pleasure outside of the relationship while others choose to remain exclusive. 

It is said that nothing counts as infidelity, and everything counts as infidelity if both partners are not on the same page with what constitutes cheating and relationship betrayal. A happy ending massage is a body rub session that ends with an orgasm. For some relationships, this would most definitely be an example of cheating. 

However, there are misconceptions surrounding happy ending massages. Most men that have relationship issues, like a poor sex life, dying spark or loss of attraction which leads to arousal problems indulge in this session. 

A happy ending massage is really just a form of sensual sex therapy.  A school of thought believes that, as long as these men or women return to their spouses and try to pick up the pieces of their dying relationship, happy endings are not cheating!

The concept of cheating is quite subjective. If you and your partner think that obtaining sexual satisfaction from anyone other than your spouse is unacceptable, then a happy ending massage would be classed as cheating. However, this is not the same with every relationship (there are open relationships that encourages sexual kinks involving a third party which is not in any way considered as cheating). In such cases, a happy ending massage is not a big deal. It’s a controversial area, so there’s really no right or wrong answer. The goal isn’t to agree that this is an acceptable behavior. The importance is to talk about it and address how to explore meeting these desires within the relationship. The big deal is that it involves a third party. And now you have to ask yourself, does it matter who this third hand belongs to? 

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