Celebrities that Love Erotic Massage

Over the years, it has been a trend now that celebrities do not shy away from telling the world about erotic massage also known as tantric massage. After a series of long strenuous world tours, flying from one city to another, headlining different shows across the globe, signing contracts, grossing several endorsements and also rocking different several red carpets and awards shows.

When all these are done and accomplished, there is the need to take care of their stressed and strained bodies and they go all out to ensure they get the best. There are several A-list celebrities that indulge in the very rewarding process of erotic massages even though some are not paid for.

There are several celebrities and big names that subscribes to erotic massages as a means of body and soul rejuvenation. Let’s explore this pool of big guys, shall we?

The most famous celebrity who openly speaks about erotic massage is songwriter and musician Sting. He was, in fact, one of the first celebrities to celebrate erotic massage, as well as erotic sex, boasting of marathon sessions of love-making.

More surprising, P Diddy is a huge erotic massage fan, claiming in an online article about a staggering thirty-six- hour erotic session!

The absolute astonishing Scarlett Johannsson has also been associated with having an affinity for tantric massage pleasure, yet is more modest about the subject matter. No doubt, every male will fantasize about this exquisite actress partaking in tantric pleasure!

Even the wife of the sensational actor, Tom Hanks, has also bravely revealed the secret to their happy marriage; erotic massage and mind-blowing sex! Although Tom Hanks is less open about his enjoyment of this ancient technique.

Erotic massage does not necessarily include sexual exploration. It is all about the body to body intimacy and establishing a deeper connection with one’s partner. Simply put, it can be about caressing one’s partner, relishing a sensual massage together and enjoying a mutual bathing ritual. This inevitably promotes a loving connection and pleasure. The likes of Lady Gaga and Kanye West are also huge fans of this massage model. Celebrity reports say this duo spend a huge amount of money and time on erotic massage with their celebrity masseuse in Dr. Dot (an outstanding massage therapist who literally bites them, lol).

As impressive as this massage might be, some celebrities have faced the brunt of misconduct and misdemeanor in the past and it has brought them to the forefront news. For example, In May 2012, a male masseur filed a suit against John Travolta (one of Hollywood's most gossiped-about actor), saying the actor tried sleeping with him after enjoying a mind-blowing erotic massage. It was said that John Travolta was sued for sexual assault and battery and infliction of emotional distress where it was claimed that Travolta asked the masseuses to rub his buttocks and his pelvic areas.

It has also been recorded with different popular figures with demeanors as regards this form of massage. Celebrities cannot do without this form of massage. Erotic massage has come to stay and our celebrities will continue to be an amazing part of it.

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