The tantric massage is a type of sensual massage that has existed for hundreds, possibly thousands of years. Thought to have originated in India, home of the Kama Sutra, it involves a combination of movements from both the masseuse and the one being massaged to provide the ultimate orgasm you could only dream of having. Read on to find out exactly what occurs during a tantric massage and what the benefits of a tantric massage can be if you truly give yourself to the experience.

What Actually Happens In a Tantric Massage Session?

Tantric massages contain three main components that make them completely unique to other kinds of sensual massage. Tantric massage incorporates body-to-body contact, sexual contact, and breathing techniques to produce mind-blowing and long-lasting orgasms that you will find hard to beat. Tantric massage therapists use oils or powder to enliven the body and stimulate your nerves in a gradual, gentle way. This kind of erotic massage is one of the most intimate kinds of sensual massage that exists, as it relies on a spiritual exchange between masseuse and client, as well as a total surrender of your body.

A tantric massage is particularly tempting to those that are always in control as it involves a total surrender to your tantric masseuse allowing you to completely and totally enjoy the pleasure you are receiving without having to concern yourself with taking the lead and reciprocating. This is also why it is important to find a trained professional tantric massager, as you will only get the full, optimal benefits from the tantric massage if you ensure that you are using someone who knows what they are doing.

Some have likened tantric massages to a religious experience due to the meditative headspace required for optimum results as well as the intense benefits gained from having a professional sensual massage.

What Are the Benefits of Tantric Massage?

One of the most ancient benefits tantric massage is thought to offer is an increase in positive spirit and aura. To really get the best from the experience, you should open yourself not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well, and this is thought to cleanse auras and release your spiritual vibrancy.

As well as spiritual benefits, professional tantric massage has been linked to increased good health and recommended for those suffering from sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction. Due to the extended amount of hormones you gain from an increased length in orgasm, your immune system gets a boost and the tantric massage is thought to reset your sexual biology in a way that can possibly help with fixing minor problems in the bedroom. As body-to-body massage is also a big part of tantric massages, the touch from your tantric masseuse will give you general massage benefits such as relaxation, soothed muscles, and a reduction in tension.

When you look at the mental, emotional and physical benefits of receiving tantric massages (let alone the sexual benefits) it’s easy to see why it is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of erotic massage in the world.

Is There Any Sexual Intercourse Involved?

Despite creating a highly sexualized atmosphere and allowing a client to achieve one of the best orgasms of their life, there is no sexual intercourse involved as part of a tantric massage. Sexual contact such as body-to-body touching and stimulation of genitalia is an important part of tantric massage, but erotic massage therapists are not the same as sexual escorts and have trained extensively to understand how the body works and how it can be pleasured in the best way.

Before you commit to booking a sensual massage session with a trained professional, you should ask exactly what is included and what is not included in your package. This avoids stress, embarrassment, and misunderstanding in the massage parlor room, and you won’t end up disappointed if you know exactly what you are getting. Ensure you offer the upmost respect to erotic massage therapists and their artistry.

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